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Artist Statement


As an artist I am inspired by people; by human emotions, relationships, and experiences. When working, I find myself thinking about how our past choices impact our present and future selves. Ruminating leads to creative choices regarding color palate, carvings and texture, and forms.

In recent work carvings commented on how we change based on the different choices we are faced with. Lines which break into smaller paths are found within my work speaking to the idea of change. There is a want or need to break off and go in a new direction. The first quarter of our lives we are bombarded with choices which impact who we become, how we view the world, and in many instances, can dictate the course or path we end up on for the duration of our lives. When clustered together these same line designs become roots that represent where we come from and what grounds us in how we view and react to the world in the present. 


While the imagery symbolize where we start, the alterations of the vessels themselves hints at the idea that we are not constrained to our starting point in life, but can make choices in a conscious effort to change the person we will become. 

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